Tossou's Home Business, LLC

General Commerce , Microfinance loans , Constructions, Transports!
Health Pharmacy , Medicinal plants & Tropical products & More!

Welcome to Tossou's Home Business ,LLC         

TOSSOU'S HOME BUSINESS,LLC was established in 1989 in order to promote international business and develop vast commercial opportunities between Europe and Africa. Its owners decided to leave Africa because of security reasons and moved to Austin,Texas in the United States to start all over again.

TOSSOU'S HOME BUSINESS,LLC functions as a representative for distribution of high-tech goods, which are produced or demanded by companies located in Africa.

TOSSOU'S HOME BUSINESS,LLC also makes international business associations using its own investor identity. They are looking for business cooperation between American, European and Asian traders, Import and Export companies and importers of medicinal plants and tropical products.

TOSSOU'S HOME BUSINESS,LLC receives raw materials from Africa and sells to European, American and Asian customers.

TOSSOU'S HOME BUSINESS,LLC started in Africa as a representative of high-tech goods from European brands. As well as importing product itself, Tossou's Home Business,llc executes Imports and exports  for third parties.


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